Digital Impact
NLPI has built the cloud e-reading resource platform and cooperated with the Donghe Library of Taitung County. E-resource is open to the prisoners, and this program called “e-Reading @ Your Library – Mobile Device Services” has also started with the action. Eight tablet PCs has been gifted to the Taiyuan Skill Training Institute. With the help of counselors, prisoners have learnt to download e-books with the devices. The prisoners are now able to integrate with the society, and expend their knowledge in the institute.
NLPI has been working hard on promoting e-reading and has held many information literacy classes to train teachers on the diverse e-book platform of NLPI. Then the trained teachers will be able to help spread the resources to the students and help them to enjoy reading.
Under the atmosphere of global digitalization, NLPI approaches the rural villages of Taiwan, promote e-reading in order to diminish digital divide. NLPI believes that learning should be easy for everyone, as easy as sliding across a table PC on one’s fingertips and anyone should be able to obtain sufficient information and knowledge. Therefore, NLPI provides innovative learning methods for people who live in rural areas, and boosts their skills on information technology. The library has also invited students of Early Childhood Education of Chaoyang University of Technology to perform drama of stories from vivid illustrated books, provides an enjoyable learning experiences for children.